Hello Windows Azure

January 14, 2014
It's been a long time since I have posted anything, but I have recently moved my site to Windows Azure and I am now hosting my email with Exchange Online in Office 365. Over the last few months, I have been evaluating and looking into these two platforms in more depth. I have been working with SharePoint Online for a long while, but these two platforms working in tandem are truly impressive. I was able to take my existing site powered by BlogEngine.NET and migrate this out to Windows Azure in about 30 minutes. The migration took less time than the DNS propagation did! This included provisioning the site and migrating the database to SQL Azure. Connecting these two environments with the federated directories was not only a snap, but you can then delegate administrative duties from an O365 AD account to a Windows Azure subscription. The last few weeks have made me even more of a believer than I was! At this time, I have only been leveraging the platform services in Azure. Some of the infrastructure services are a bit too expensive for my personal usage. However, I hope to start working with some Windows Azure VMs soon. If you've not yet looked at these two platforms; do so. There is a lot to be excited about!