QuickTip: Audience Targeting and List View Web Parts

March 11, 2011
When piecing together a nice little composite application using SharePoint 2010, you will run into circumstances where you will want to hide certain pieces of the UI (Web Parts). As ASP.NET developers we would simply wrap the specified area in a LoginView control and secure it to display for only the appropriate groups. SharePoint Web Parts can do the very same thing through a concept known as audience targeting. We can place a Web Part on a page, and specify that it is only visible to a select set of SharePoint groups or audiences. This works great for a vast majority of the Web Parts in SharePoint, but unfortunately the List View Web Part (one of the more common Web Parts) has a bit of a hitch in its audience targeting giddy-up. Find out more by reading my post on

QuickTip: Specify the Active Ribbon Tab from the QueryString

November 16, 2010
For all of us that have been using Office 2007 and newer, you have surely become comfortable with the Ribbon in Office. As I am sure most of you know, SharePoint 2010 incorporates the Ribbon as a very impressive set of JavaScript driven features. However, as much as I love the Ribbon architecture in SharePoint, not everyone shares my sentiment. I’ve seen many users that are not accustomed to the context-driven nature of this sophisticated navigation system. Find out more by reading the full post at