QuickTip: Specify the Active Ribbon Tab from the QueryString

November 16, 2010
For all of us that have been using Office 2007 and newer, you have surely become comfortable with the Ribbon in Office. As I am sure most of you know, SharePoint 2010 incorporates the Ribbon as a very... [More]

Determine Content Type Usage In Your Site Collection

May 10, 2010
if you've been doing SharePoint development for some time, you have undoubtedly used custom content types at some point. Simply stated, a content type defines the attributes of a list item, a document... [More]


Web Parts

Hosting WCF Web Services on a site with multiple host header bindings

January 9, 2010
Having worked with WCF Web services for some time now, I have been presented with many of the caveats surrounding the technology. All in all, WCF is a tremendous platform, but hosting WCF Web services... [More]